Vince Bantu

Vince Bantu

Author of Gospel Haymanot and Haymanot Journal

Vince Bantu is the Ohene of the Meachum School of Haymanot and the Society of Gospel Haymanot. He is also the Katabi (editor) of the Haymanot Journal and the author of A Multitude of All Peoples: Engaging Ancient Christianity’s Global Identity. Vince Bantu is Assistant Professor of Church History and Black Church Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. For more information, please visit

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Gospel Haymanot by Vince Bantu

Gospel Haymanot: A Constructive Theology and Critical Reflection on African and Diasporic Christianity


The primary paradigms that exist in theological academia are rooted in white, Eurocentricity and do not speak to the realities of Black Christians. Though many books critique the problem of white supremacy in evangelicalism, most are focused on reforming this movement without attention to the resources of the Black Church.

Through seven dominant voices in Black academic theology, Gospel Haymanot sheds new light on biblical authority issues, doctrinal orthodoxy, and evangelical theology on justice and liberation. This book introduces ideals ingrained in the Black Church tradition which engage the Black Christian experience.

Gospel Haymanot provides essential framing for Black academics and the broader Church who are committed to biblical orthodoxy and Black liberation.

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Haymanot Journal by Vince Bantu

Haymanot Journal Volume 1 2021

The Haymanot Journal is the official publication of the Society of Gospel Haymanot (SGH), an academic community of Black scholars of biblical, theological, and religious studies. SGH exists to provide a space for Black theological scholars for support, partnership, and the production of research grounded in biblical orthodoxy, liberative justice, and Afrocentricity. The consortium of SGH operates as an extension of the Meachum School of Haymanot (MSH), a biblical, Afrocentric school of higher theological education.

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“It has long been the case that the church is the most important institution in the black community… Bantu begins this work among ancient Black peoples and brings the peculiar work of the Spirit into the present.”

Dr. William E. Pannell, Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Fuller Theological Seminary