Classic Author Support

Please Note: Classic Author Support is already included in select publishing packages and cannot be purchased separately. This page is designed to give you more information about the service and why it’s important for your book.

All Uriel Press packages include one-on-one author support. With our normal process, an author support representative who specializes in each phase of production will assist you. During the publishing process, a Check-in Coordinator will assist you in getting your materials finalized and ready for publishing. If your book needs editorial work or illustrations completed, you will be assisted by a specialist working in those areas. Once pre-production work on your materials has been completed, your book will be sent to a design team responsible for creating a page layout for your manuscript and designing a book cover. Your point of contact will change as your book moves through the publishing process.

Quick Facts | Classic Author Support

Classic Author Support gives you the opportunity to work with a variety of publishing experts. At each new stage of your book’s production, you will be in contact with a representative who specializes in that area.

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