Marketing Services

Our book marketing services will allow you to build your own marketing plan to achieve your goals. As a self-publishing author, you hold the reins when it comes to marketing your book — but that doesn't mean that you're left to figure it out on your own. Our team of experienced professionals will help you customize a suite of services to promote your book with success.


Promote your book in a way that aligns with your Christian values through proven media outlets and highly-respected companies.

Book Reviews

A lot of potential readers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what new releases to consider reading. Uriel Press offers distinct book review services to help you gauge how the market will respond to your book by getting literary experts to critique it.

Hollywood Book-to-Screen

Have you ever thought about how your book could be adapted into a movie or television series? Uriel Press can make your book available to agents, producers, directors, writers and actors through multiple new services available to our authors.

Internet Marketing

Marketing your book on the Internet is essential in today's market. From setting up your own website to connecting with readers through social networks, our services can help you establish a strong online presence.

Publicity Campaigns

Our publicity campaign options pair you with a publicist dedicated to mapping and executing outreach that makes sense for you and your message.

Publicity Services

The time-tested power of classic publicity practices are essential. Little can match the effectiveness of a positive book review in a popular magazine, or the reach and usefulness of a persuasively written press release. A successful book marketing plan will contain at least one core publicity service.

Radio Services

Getting on the radio can give you a powerful marketing push. Media outlets are evolving with the rise in popularity of iPods and satellite radio; listeners have more choices and more ways to access content than ever before, and streaming radio is an excellent way to reach a new audience.

Video Services

Convey the powerful and unique qualities of your book through a custom, professional video. Whether you choose one of our book video options, or a personalized author interview video, you are sure to draw readers into your story and leave them wanting more.