Video Services

Convey the powerful and unique qualities of your book through a custom, professional video. Whether you choose one of our book video options, or a personalized author interview video, you are sure to draw readers into your story and leave them wanting more.

Bookblast Video Marketing - Stand-alone (30 days)

Captivate potential readers and viewers through online video ads in one of the world’s biggest video-sharing websites, YouTube.

Premium Book Video

Make the words and stories within your book come to life with a Premium Book Video.

Standard Book Video

Adopt a creative and entertaining way of marketing your book through the Xlibris Book Video marketing services. See your words come to life through motion graphics and attract well-deserved attention for your book.

Bookblast Video Marketing - Standard

Draw new audiences and make an instant connection with readers and book shoppers through your book video ad on one of the most popular online video sites,

Bookblast Video Marketing - Premium

Take your video ad to the next level by having a professional voiceover actor tell your book’s story. Then, captivate potential readers and viewers through an ad campaign in one of the world’s biggest video-sharing websites, YouTube.

15-sec Video Marketing

Advertise your book in a widely-used platform. Get it in front of a huge and engaged audience with uninterrupted short ads on YouTube.