Editorial Standards

At Uriel Press, we strive to serve others by sharing His Word through published books

  • Uriel Press authors are free to write on any topic provided it meets a contemporary Christian perspective

  • Titles should challenge people to lead lives of moral excellence and virtue through content that encourages goodness

  • Books must be authentic, honest, and embrace current world realities

  • Books filled with words that elevate our spirit, inspired by the teachings of Jesus

We cannot publish books with the following:

  • Acts of violence against any institution or person(s)

  • Hate speech to proactively encourage violence against, or hatred of, any social, cultural, ethnic, gender or religious groups

  • Details of witchcraft, magical or horror references

  • Gratuitously violent or sexual content, including nonconsensual sex or sex with minors

  • Personal proprietary right violations or infringements, including copyrights, trademark rights, trade secret rights, contract rights, privacy rights or publicity rights of any persons