Uriel Press authors follow simple guidelines to stay true to our
mission of promoting Christian books:

  • Uriel Press authors are free write on any topic provided it meets a non-fiction contemporary Christian perspective.

  • Titles should challenge people to lead lives of moral excellence and virtue through content that encourages goodness.

  • Books must be authentic, honest, and embrace current world realities.

  • Stories filled with words that elevate our spirit, inspired by the teachings of Jesus.

  • Uriel Press titles should motivate people and call forth their best qualities.



Uriel Press readers trust that our books and resources are consistent with a Christian worldview. Non-fiction
manuscript submissions must adhere to editorial guidelines established by UMI in collaboration with Uriel Press.
These values are part of Uriel Press as a division of UMI, and that identity carries over to our books and our authors.
Uriel Press reserves the right to decline works that do not conform to these standards.


Self-Publishing Packages Include:

  • Global Distribution in bookstores and online with Print On Demand.   

  • Online and direct Marketing to UMI's one Million Christian readers database.

  • Maximize your listing on Amazon.com, amazon Author Central.

  • Author Website coaching and Book Marketing guidance. 

  • author promotions on Urbanministries.com, urbanfaith.com, and their social media sites.

  • Professional Book Cover & Interior Design by expert designers in the christian book market. 

  • uriel press Print Book and eBook ISBNs.

  • eBook Conversion & Distribution.

  • Uriel Press Author Portal for easy access to project communications.  


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