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Our Process

Uriel Press offers a range of publishing, marketing, and bookselling options created to meet our authors’ different needs and goals.

We will help you select the package that best suits you, and we will work with you to transform your manuscript into a professionally published book that touches lives.

Publishing Choices

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Our Services

To help you create the book you envision, we provide all the services you expect from a traditional publisher.

Whether it’s a custom design, comprehensive editorial services, or robust marketing tools, you have the flexibility to choose what you need.

Our Services

Our Editorial Standards

Uriel Press readers trust that our books and resources are consistent with a Christian worldview. All published books must adhere to established guidelines

Our Standards


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The Power of Self-Publishing

Uriel Press Mission

Annette Leach, Publisher, Uriel Press, VP, UMI shares the mission of Uriel Press and UMI. To publish books for people of color, build a community of readers and help them grow in their love for God and people.

Choosing Uriel Press

Adrianne Watson wrote the book "The Demise of the American Evangelical: an Overview on the History of Racism & White Supremacy in the Church" because of the issues non-Christians are having with the evangelical movement today. She explains her publishing experiences and why she chose Uriel Press to publish her books.

Choosing Self-Publishing

Dr Paul Cannings shares about his powerful book, Doing It Gods Way, why he chose to self-publish and the joy that comes with being an author.

Author Learning Center

Coming up with an idea for a book is very easy. Starting to write a book is easy. Writing a book to the finish, publishing, and marketing can be challenging and sometimes daunting.

But you are not alone. You can find all the help you need with the Author Learning Center (ALC).

This site is a one-of-kind online author education community designed to help educate, motivate, and support you as you follow your path to becoming a published author.

How it Works


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Fraud Alerts

Uriel Press has become aware of widespread scams and misrepresentations frequently targeting self-published authors in which bad actors are providing incorrect and misleading information and/or impersonating publishing companies, literary agents, editors, and other professionals in the literary industry, often using real names, trademarks and logos to appear legitimate.

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