Committed to Publishing and Sharing God's Truth by Devout Authors of Color

Who We Are

Our Mission

As Christians, we are called to study Christ’s teachings and share His Good News with others.

We all have a story to tell that can inspire, educate, and impact the lives of others. It may be personal testimony or spiritual insights gained from study or life experience that can enhance the lives of fellow believers. No matter the topic, one of the best ways to ensure your story reaches as many people as possible is by publishing a book.

Giving Voice to More Stories of Faith

At Uriel Press, we work with authors to self-publish culturally relevant books that transform and empower people of color. Whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, a memoir, or a devotional, we can help you create the book you envision.

Uriel Press is the self-publishing division of Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI), the largest independent African American-owned Christian media company. We are committed to building the world’s best community for authors of color to publish their books and grow in their love for God.

As a division of the world’s leading African American Christian publisher, Uriel Press provides unique opportunities that no other self-publishing service provider offers.

  • All Uriel Press books are published following the same high editorial standards at UMI.
  • UMI monitors Uriel Press books for potential acquisition, so you have the chance of being discovered and distributed by our parent company.
  • In addition to being listed in the Uriel Press bookstore, your book will also be available for sale in the UMI and Urban Faith bookstores.
  • Our select packages allow you to reach thousands of targeted Christian book buyers through UMI’s exclusive email list promotions.